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Trendy Korean Photo Booth &  Photo Strip
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Photobooth Machines
The Only All-in-One Global
Photo Booth Solution Provider
Machine & Booth

Everything is provided: Photo taking machine, Booth, Digital payment system & Exterior booth

Customized Design

Our Korean & Singaporean Designers and Marketers will help produce the best design for your business

Technical Support

Our Engineers will be available for technical assistance and queries during the applicable period

Machine Options ⚙️

All of these options are highly customisable. There are a lot more other machine / booth options as well! 

standard angle photo booth.png
Standard Photo Booth
Low Angle Photobooth Machine
Low Angle Photobooth Machine Result
Low Angle Photo Booth
High Angle photo booth - blue.png
high angle photos
High Angle Photo Booth
Receipt Photobooth Machine
Receipt selfie photo
Receipt Selfie Vintage Retro Photo
Coming Soon!
Receipt Photo Machine
Portable Photobooth Machine
Coming Soon!
Portable Photo Booth

Why Chalkak Studio? 🤔

Citizen dye sublimation printer

High Quality Product

Canon DSLR 800D
  • Canon 1500D DSLR Camera 

  • Citizen Dye Sublimation Printer 

  • Four High Luminosity LED light for Brighter and Clearer Photo

Multiple Payments

  • Cash: all currencies & notes 

  • Digital: NAYAX payment terminal (multiple payments available) 

  • Analytics platform to track usage

Digital Payment
Use phone to scan qr code

Downloadable Digital Photo

Users can download static & timelapse photos via QR code 

Fast machine processing

Our photo booths ensure fast circulation, completing the whole process of photo taking to printing in just about 1-2 minutes.

Technical Support

We provide immediate technical help to address any issue and ensure seamless operations.

Design & Marketing expertise

​We possess a deep understanding of design aesthetics and market trends, ensuring your photo booth stands out and attracts a broad audience.

Highly Customizable

You can use some default designs, design yourself that aligns with your brand, or get help from our designers

Photo Filter

Photo filter options

Frame Design

Custom Frame

Adjust frame colors, designs, and overlays to your preference.

Frames (Standard Angle Photo Booth)
Frames (High Angle Photo Booth)

Multiple frame options available

User Interface Design

Main Screen

1. Main Screen

Take Photo

5. Take Photo

Choose Frame

2. Choose Frame

Confirm Photo

6. Confirm Photos

Payment Screen

3. Payment

Choose Design

7. Choose Design

Choose Filter

4. Choose Filters

QR Code

8. QR Code

Exterior Booth Design

Customize existing exterior booth design with desired matte print and LED. 

Custom Exterior








Request fully customized exterior design -- everything can be done! 

Custom Photobooth Exterior CAD Design
Custom Photobooth Exterior CAD Design
Custom Photobooth Exterior CAD Design

Why  Photo Booths? 👀

Low Risk & High Margin

​Photo booth business has a low risk-to-reward ratio with minor upfront costs. The primary investments are high-quality booths and software. The operational expenses are negligible and doesn’t go beyond electricity, network, paper and ink to print photos. These all pave the way for high profits.

high margin business

Automated Business

A photo booth business is essentially a vending machine that earns passive income. Integrating digital payments and analytics gives you control while making it a convenient side hustle that works around your primary job's schedule.

vending machine tap payment

Trendy & Always in Demand

Our photo booths, made in Korea, give you a taste of the Korean ambiance and effect. These photo booths have become a cultural phenomenon in Korea, offering a cheap, fun way of capturing lasting memories. They appeal to Generation Z's love for the analog atmosphere, providing a unique social media experience, and are becoming increasingly popular among foreigners too.

crowded photo booth shop outside
crowded photo booth shop inside

Where To Install?   🔨

Our Korean photo booths’ core focus remains on GenZ—the generation that thrives on the new, the unique, and the trendy. However, our photo booths don't limit the fun to them alone.

Whether it's a group of friends out for leisure, a family making memories on a special day, or even your fur babies—you're all welcome to step into our booth!

Here's why our photo booths are perfect for these diverse locations:

night club

Elevate the nightlife! Let the customers enjoy the thrill of the night with friends and not just the hangover. Plus, on special occasions, our customizable frames will add that extra spark to the event.


Bring the cinematic experience to life in our booths. Let visitors relax, have fun, and round off your movie night with a thematic photo. Whether they’re alone, with friends, family, or a significant other, use a bit of your lobby space to foster better customer engagement and an extra source of revenue.

singapore university campus

Become a part of the youth scene! Campuses are hotspots for trends and what better way to cater to this demographic than with our trendy photo booths?

garden by the bay tourist attraction
Tourist attractions

Is your tourist attraction still sticking only to the traditional souvenir shops? Instead of the usual keyrings, offer visitors the chance to snap their smiles amidst the attraction, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

k pop merch
Korean Gen-Z businesses

Tap into the immense Korean culture trend. K-pop, K-fashion, you name it, our photo booth complements it. Renowned brands have already embraced this. It's not just about the quality of your products or services, but enhancing your customers' overall 'experience'. This is also perfect for Korean towns or places where Korean culture enthusiasts gather.

singapore shopping mall
Shopping Malls

Utilize the bustling foot traffic and transform the shopping experience into something more memorable. Especially in tourist hubs and prime shopping areas, our photo booths serve as an entertaining pit-stop for shoppers.

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