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Booth Exterior

Customise external components (lighting, curtain, exterior print, etc.) to align with desired branding

Photo Booth Exterior 1
Exterior Version 1

(Length x Width x Height) 1.46 x 1.45 x 2.45m

Covers an area of 2.12 square meters

Photo Booth Exterior 2
Exterior Version 2

(Length x Width x Height) 1.548 x 1.212 x 2.385m

Covers an area of 1.9 square meters

Photo Booth Exterior 3
Exterior Version 3

(Length x Width x Height) 1.4 x 1.06 x 2.205m

Covers an area of 1.5 square meters

Custom Exterior








A - Small Sticker 493 x 1920 mm

B - Door Curtain 730 x 1400 mm

C - Large Sticker on Right Side 1000 x 1920 mm

D - Left Maintenance Door 1000 x 1920 mm

E - Signboard 880x 220 mm

Matte Print:

You may choose to personalise your photobooth to fit your brand theme by opting for matte sticker prints to be placed in the marked positions (A, B, C and/or D)

LED Signboard: 

An LED signboard with your company/organisation name may also be attached to the photobooth (E)

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