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Photobooth Pose Suggestions

This is where you can find all the nice pose suggestions for photobooth

Have you ever experienced this? After dining with friends, you casually enter a photo booth you see along the way. However, when it's time to snap pictures, you're unsure what to do. 'Which pose should I pick?' You want to avoid common poses, yet nothing creative springs to mind.

That’s why our Chalkak Studio Team also designed Photo.picked. It is a curation of different photobooth pictures, which allows you to swiftly explore a range of poses, helping you discover the ideal one for yourself in no time.

If you are a photobooth business owner, it will also be useful for you to share this with your visitors!

Photobooth Pose Suggestions Website
Photobooth Pose Suggestions [via Photo.picked]

Currently, the website has a few options -- different poses for different photo angles, and number of people. We are planning to expand our options as we go, and constantly update the page as well. We are planning to add catalogue of different photobooth businesses in the world, and some social media photo trends.

If there are any other suggestions on what contents to put in, or would want us to feature your business, please feel free to contact us at !


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