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UI & Photos

User Interface and features of printed photo products

User Interface

Here is an overview of what users will see on the display screen from start to end during their photobooth experience. The design is fully customisable to match your company's branding. 

Main Screen

1. Main Screen

Choose Frame

2. Choose Frame

Payment Screen

3. Payment

Choose Filter

4. Choose Filters

Take Photo

5. Take Photo

Confirm Photo

6. Confirm Photos

Choose Design

7. Choose Design

QR Code

8. QR Code


You may also customise the frame design to match your company's branding. Users can choose from the various frame layout options available with the preset design. 

Custom Frame

Adjust frame colors, designs, and overlays to your preference.

Frames (Standard Angle Photo Booth)

Frame options for Standard Angle Photo Booth 

Frames (High Angle Photo Booth)

Frame options for High Angle Photo Booth

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